Who Am I

Henry 'Oz - German Magician

Gentleman Magician & Entertainer

My Mission

Henry s Mission: Making people laugh is my vocation and magic art is my passion.

Even at a young age I enjoyed telling people stories and entertaining them. With the art of magic I could turn everyone into a young amazed child.
Creating magical moments is now part of my life’s work. And not only on stage. Creating Magical Moments in everyday life is also part of it, as I conjure a smile on people’s faces with a small, heartfelt gesture. True to the motto, the magician in your life can be yourself.

Enthusiasm is my passion!
Respectfully  your magician


My Core Values

“The magician in your life is in yourself.” An event where miracles happen. 

Your Benefits

An unforgettable and breathtaking evening for your guests. A piece of Las Vegas magic near you.

Perhaps the most interesting way to entertain your guests charmingly and unobtrusively.

In this format Henry mingles with your guests and becomes part of the community, so magic happens at eye level and your guests get up close and personal to enjoy stunning entertainment.

This kind of entertainment is not only popular at corporate events, but also at private parties. Henry brings a lot of fun to company Christmas parties, kick-off events and the like. Weddings and birthdays are also enhanced –  there is nothing better than shared laughter and amazement to break the ice.

The classic stage show is probably the best way to entertain a large group of guests together. It is not necessary to have a stage. It is only important that all guests have a good view.

The show is suitable both for smaller groups of less than 10 people and for large theaters with more than 100 people. The show can be performed from 10 to 50 minutes.

Our recommendation:
The stage show can also be booked in conjunction with the walkaround performance for a complete package.

Whatever you are interested in, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to give you an estimate.

Ask now for your personal offer without obligation.

With over 150 shows per year, Henry’Oz enchants not only CEOs and prominent people but also thousands of people worldwide. Your German Magician stands for great entertainment at the highest level.